Teresa Frohock

Dark fantasy and horror author. I've long been accused of telling stories, which is a southern colloquialism for lying.

Sweetie - Kathryn Magendie Shy, stuttering Melissa meets the wild Sweetie in school, and the two girls fast become friends. Sweetie's wild ways infuse Melissa with confidence, but not everyone is enchanted with Sweetie. Set in an Appalachian town in the 1970s, others see Sweetie as an outcast.Magendie has written a beautiful novel of friendship that should appeal to readers of all ages. Melissa is the soul of reason and Sweetie is the wild wind from the mountain. Magendie takes the reader into their lives with her poetic prose. She captures what it means to live in a rural North Carolina town in the 1970s as she takes on prejudices and bullies. She also shows you the lives of two beautiful girls, who are as different as night and day.A good story well told.

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